Supercharged Empowerment Sessions

Intuitive Reiki Session which also includes a mini card reading, your intuitive session reading, Integrated Energy Therapy, clearing and balancing, tips and unique action steps, whatever else comes up that may be required for you at that moment. (Visualizations for letting go, etc).

90 minute Supercharged Empowerment Session - $115 in Brockville, $125 in Ottawa

***If you are unable to physically get to an appointment because you live outside of Brockville or Ottawa, these sessions can occur at a distance, anywhere in the world, with the same effects.

Distance Reiki Readings for adults $80

New Service for Kids - Distance Intuitive Reiki reading for your child(ren) $60 - getting insight into their energy, messages from their spirit. All from a distance, no need to bring them to my table and expect them to lay still. I can connect energetically, and will write out the reading, just like an Intuitive Reiki session at my location. Then email it to you and we can chat about it. Insightful and useful info to help your children thrive. - How it's done...Contact me to book, submit payment by credit card or e-transfer, then all I need is their name and a current (ish) photo to see their eyes.  I will contact you once it's done and we can go over it.


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