Earth Angels PA Day Camp

February 1, 2024 - 10 am - 3 pm

This day camp for Starseeds & Earth Angels involves insightful self awareness meditations, tapping into intuition, emotional management, learning how channel their energy into positive experiences, affirmations, healthy living, eating and earthing and more!

For Ages 8-13

How do you know if your child may be a STARSEED/Earth Angel?

  • Your kids seem 'different'.
  • They see things with a neat perspective.
  • They take on other people's problems as their own.
  • They say things that seem a bit 'out there'.
  • They are empathic, compassionate and want to help people;
  • They want to know more.
  • They perhaps don't connect with 'mainstream' kids.

And they are so magical!

They have a BIG mission. It's important that they learn skills and techniques to keep them grounded and open and in alignment with their authenticity. They have work to do on this planet.

As an INDIGO, I understand this mission and am passionate about helping them connect with their true selves and learn how to navigate these Earthly waters as they usher in a new earth paradigm to bring the planet back to LOVE and PEACE.

I am the author of the book EMPOWERED MAGICAL KIDS - A book of Inspiration for today's children.
I host many workshops, retreats and camps for kids to assist them with these important tools for life.

At this day camp, we will discuss various topics, with an organic flow based on the children's interests and insights. We will learn about all the different ways to connect, inspire and align with their highest calling. We will discuss our connection to nature and source energy.

We will discuss what being 'sensitive' means and how to use it for good. How to channel anger or frustration productively...and SO MUCH MORE.

$44 / child
Siblings $40 each.

Side affects for this camp can be any of the following...
A feeling of being understood, accepted, not weird, heart expansion, understanding of their life's mission, encouraged, peaceful, empowered, grounded (the good grounded!) 🙂
Msg me if you have any questions!

Earth Angels PA Day Camp

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