How to help someone that's not physically near you - By Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

Often we hear of people that need our help, or we have a desire to help them but we can't be with them or we don't know how we could possibly help from our position. But we want to help, we really do. This can apply to many different situations. A teacher wishing to help a child's home life, a friend aware of an abusive relationship, having a parent that is ill and in a doctor's care...the types of situations are endless. We are all filled with love and compassion. We don't have to be helpless. We CAN be of assistance, even if we can't physically be there to do it.

We send LOVE. We tend to feel sad and fearful when we hear of something not so great happening in someone's life. They're sick, we worry, they're not being taken care of, and we feel anger and sadness. These emotions are natural, but not all that helpful. We have this powerful helpful healing energy in us called LOVE. When we sit quietly focused on someone, we can set an intention to send healing energy. And it’s so powerful! It's quite simple, and something I do all the time.

Here are some simple steps to sending healing.

1) Close your eyes and picture them in your mind
2) Imagine them filled with white healing light, start with a little white light in their belly and let it grow, filling them completely and even extending out like an aura all around them.
3) Keep your thoughts positive. Assume, Visualize, Intend pure health, pure love, pure happiness, whatever it is you feel they need help with – imagine this without any inkling of trauma, illness, nothing negative whatsoever. Keep your thoughts positive, this packs the most punch in wellness. Intention is key, we intend to send love, and it goes. The opposite sentiment is fear. We are doing them a great disservice is we sit and worry about them.
4) Feel free to invite angels, I never work alone, always calling in backup from Source, Creator, Divinity, God, whatever you want to call it. When you ask, help arrives. Ask and you shall receive, remember?!
If you see any darkness when visualizing this white healing light filling your person, simply ask the light to cleanse it away.
5) Express Gratitude. Thank the love (Universal Life Force Energy, Creator, Divinity, God, Angels, etc) for filling your person or situation and be thankful for the healing. All is well.

You may not physically see results, but a lot goes on behind the scenes when we’re dealing with energy.  A shift has occurred, whether you visibly see changes or not.  You have just uplifted someone, you have helped.  Thank you for doing this.  We really need more people like you, kind and loving enough to raise the vibration of this planet.  Thank you.  I am grateful that you read this, this says you care about others, you are a good person.  You are needed.  Keep up the great work Light Worker!

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