Healing without medicine - By: Stephanie Forgues, New Leaf Wellness

Use energy to clear away pain and disease? Too good to be true?

It’s the way nature intended. The medical field has its purpose, certainly if I broke a bone, I would go and use their expertise; for common aches, pains and illnesses, not a chance. I am not knocking the Medical Profession, just opening up your awareness that medicine is NOT the only way to heal.

If you’ve ever read a book published by any Hay House Author (think Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay…) you would understand that there are very strong links to the body via our emotions and thoughts, our energy. What we think and feel create our physical problems. Understand this: Nobody intentionally wakes up in the morning and says, I am going to give myself Cancer, or Fibromyalgia, or Arthritis, or a migraine. Nobody does that. But consider the subconscious causes for these illnesses. Deep resentment from the past, self criticism, anger, blame, guilt, fear, heartbreak, lack of self love, the list goes on, are meant to be acknowledged, accepted and released. When we hold on to these emotions, they become toxic in our energies, causing our physical bodies to act up and send you a message of distress, or dis-ease. Every physical ache and pain is your body’s way of shouting out to you to take a look at something within your mind that you’re not letting go of.
Did you have someone tell you when you were young that you weren’t good enough? From there, came your self doubt, not validating yourself.
Were you taught that revealing your emotions publicly was unacceptable? From there you learned to not speak up, to not speak your truth, hold it all in. Were you abused at some point in your life? From here you may have learned toxic fear, anger, lack of self worth and resentment.
Did you have your heart broken and never really saw the hidden gift that breakup truly was, a gift of a life lesson learned. Have you moved on and accepted and forgiven?
If you are not fully understanding of the idea that everything happens for a reason and we learn and grow from everything bad that happens to us, you may be holding on to an energy that could cause minor or major physical symptoms. Some symptoms speak louder than others. Some symptoms are the wake up call that helps you turn your life around and read the right books, give you some “A-ha” moments that Oprah speaks of. They might help you alter your way of thinking, appreciate your life, live a life of gratitude. Taking a pill for these problems, is virtually a band aid…and band aids fall off!

Accessing the root emotional cause of the problem, will help you release it so that it actually goes away and stays away! Don’t wait for that wake up call. Don’t wait for illness to ‘happen to you’. We all have the ability to release old patterns, beliefs, learn to open your heart to love yourself again, you have that power to be free of illness. To not only live your life, but to live a life of wellness. Any time you feel a ‘symptom’, consider what is it that you need to acknowledge, accept and release?

Feel how freeing that can be! When suddenly your symptoms just go away. Are you ready to let go and live life well?  Sometimes we can’t quite pin point where something comes from because maybe it came from childhood, maybe it came from a situation from our past that we blocked from our memory because it was too painful…energy work such as Reiki addresses these by using the Practitioner’s intuitive abilities coupled with the wonderful healing power of the Reiki energy. Oftentimes things come to the surface in a session that gives you that feeling you need to acknowledge, accept and release. If you feel like you need help, get help…the Light Workers are there to help you through it.

So, are you ready to let go?

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