Non-invasive hands-on energy healing.  A session that goes deep to discover and heal the root cause of what's ailing you.  Sessions with Stephanie of New Leaf Wellness are interesting and deeply moving.  What happens during a reiki session is different for everyone as we each have our own unique paths and background.  Sometimes things come up in your energy to be presented to you for your healing that needs to happen at that moment.  Stephanie facilitates the sessions and guides you to an inspirational path to wellness.  Your session also involves a 'reading' based on what is presented in your energy at the time of the session.  You leave your session with the written out reading and you come away empowered to take your wellness to the next level to find your peace and happy!

Reiki translates to “Universal Life Force Energy”.

A Reiki treatment helps to clear your energy, allowing it to flow freely, removing blockages from negative emotions or past traumas.

Reiki will help you to:

  • Let go of limiting and fearful attitudes;
  • Reduce stress and conflict in your life;
  • Speed up recovery time from physical injuries;
  • Find inner peace and joy

One hour sessions $90 in Brockville, $95 in Ottawa.


Distant Intuitive Reiki Session

30 minutes • $80

Distant Intuitive Reiki (15 minutes intuitive reiki & 15 minutes email or phone empowerment follow up to discuss the reading.


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