Promoting wellness through empowering educational seminars.

Offering tips and information related to achieving optimal wellness through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices. Specific health issue topics, as requested by individuals, families, schools or corporate offices.

  • Do it For the Kids - A Nutritious Learning Experience for Parents With Healthy Intentions
    • Learn how to help your children focus and excel in school with simple changes in how they eat
    • Get tips on how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their growing bodies
    • Discover the dangerous effects of sugar
    • Find out how to protect your children from society's far too common illnesses
    • Learn what toxic ingredients to avoid

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  • Eating for Optimal Wellness - The “back to basics” whole natural food approach to wellness, tips on how to achieve optimal function of your digestive system for disease prevention, super foods to arm yourself, and more!

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  • Empowering Emotional Awareness:

    Let's talk about Self Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Self healing, Positive affirmations, Emotions and their connection to physical symptoms and how to set them free!

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    • Reiki Classes - See EVENTS section for current classes Learn how to use energy to facilitate healing for yourself and/or others. Level One - $150
      Level Two - $200
      Advanced Level - $350
      Masters Level - $450
      Teaching Kids the art of self healing & relaxation; promoting wellness within the child.

      Enlightening them early in life to clear the way for positive living that will last their lifetime.

      Reiki helps heal old wounds (physical and emotional).

      Kids who use Reiki tend to be more calm and centered in their daily lives and have a stronger sense of ‘knowing’.

      Empowering them to be the positive change in the world.

      Getting your kids Inspired to Live Life Well.

    • REIKI KIDS (ages 8-12) $60
    • New Leaf Wellness can help build the understanding of the connection between thoughts and emotions to physical symptoms, like pain and illness.  By facing these emotions and allowing them to be released, we free our spirit and remove the physical dis-ease we were feeling.  Reiki  helps to peel away the layers to help gain inner peace and find self love.  An enlightening experience.
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    • Intro to Reflexology - Class

An informational course, this will teach you the Reflexology basics, how to do self-treatments, identifying the story your feet tells about your current state of health, where to apply pressure for specific conditions, and more!

Cost $75 includes snacks and manual


  • KIDS Inner Wellness Workshop An interactive workshop discussing:







    HEALTHY EATING and MORE!Cost $45/child- includes healthy snack and workbookSEE EVENTS PAGE FOR CURRENT WORKSHOP SCHEDULE

  • Duration 2 Hours
  • Empowering and inspiring today's children to live life well!


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