Evening of Insights

Evening of Insights - Friday, Feb 24th 6-9pm
GET Guidance, Healing & Inspiration with
Intuitive Messages & "past life" exploration
Powerful discoveries that can help you heal, provide ah ha moments about your life and more...
An Intuitive Panel : Q&A where Guests can ask a question and receive
Insights from 3 intuitive readers.
Snacks & Teas available
Group Past Life Regression Meditation
facilitated by Spiritual Intuitive Stephanie Forgues
Limited seats, please register:
Friday, Feb 24th
@New Leaf Wellness - Brockville
Address provided upon registration.
What is a past life regression meditation? You will be guided into a meditation to retrieve memories from past lives/alternate timelines that help to explain and understand current issues you may have, or why you are drawn to certain eras, locations. Why you have repeated patterns, or help you identify why you are challenged by certain people. This meditation will give you insights into the whys, and can help you shift to heal current time problems. It's also fun discovery.

(613) 498-2952 | stephanie@newleafwellness.ca