Little Lightworkers (ages 8-12)

For kids 8-12 years old
Thursday, Nov 22 @ 6pm-8pm

Teaching Kids the art of grounding, self healing & relaxation; promoting wellness within the child. Learning how to work with energy, balance energy, what is energy, using their powerful bright lights for good.
Enlightening them early in life to clear the way for positive living that will last their lifetime.

Will touch on some Reiki fundamentals - helps heal old wounds (physical and emotional).
Kids who know how to best use their energy and channel energy tend to be more calm and centered in their daily lives and have a stronger sense of ‘knowing’.
Empowering them to be the positive change in the world.

Facilitated by Soul Seer, Reiki Master & Spiritual Teacher, and mother of 2, Stephanie Forgues.
Getting your kids Inspired to Live Life Well.

Cost: $77 per child

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