Living Life Well

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Learn NATURAL tips to navigating back to school season in these strange times, with added focus on building healthy immune systems'

  • Which foods help, which to avoid...and why!  A Back to Basics approach to healthy eating and living.
  • Immune boosting tips for yourself and your family;
  • What your specific cravings are telling you about your mental and emotional well-being;
  • Herbal remedies for common symptoms;
  • The best natural health products and services available locally;
  • How powerful your mind is in your healing process and everyday wellness;
  • Learn the emotional root cause of some of your physical complaints;

And loads of other tidbits of info to help you LIVE LIFE WELL, no matter what the season!

Stephanie Forgues is an Intuitive Soul Seer with a background in Holistic Nutrition, Reiki Master & Spiritual Teacher - supporting all things natural.
$25 (HST included)- Please RSVP - Cash or etransfer accepted at
This workshop held in backyard - weather permitting, limited number of guests. Please RSVP.
Event date will be changed if weather isn't ideal.

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